GST and Other Things

To our brilliant Customers, since taking over Spirit Tech in May 2020, it has been, with your support a fantastic and busy ride to where we are today.

It’s because of this success that the Australian Government now require us to on-charge GST (Goods and Services Tax) on ALL sales (excluding international sales) from the 1st of July 2022.

This means from 1st July 2022; prices will incur 10% GST, which will be reflected in our store prices. This will carry on to the payments page at check out where GST will be separated out from the product price and will be shown as a separate item.

Spirit Tech does not make any money from this charge. We collect GST on behalf of the Australian Government and pay it to them.

Since taking over the business, we have worked hard to keep our prices as low as they are, and I’m proud to say we have stayed very competitive when compared to other sellers of Paranormal Equipment. While we do run a business, like any, we have overheads that incur costs, and our great pricing covers these overheads.

Marie and I are proud to announce going forward we still promise to keep our pricing as low as possible. We will only increase prices where necessary and rarely do we increase them except where our costs and overheads have increased.

I’d like to personally thank each one of you for your custom over the last 2 years, and as always, we’re only an email away if you need anything from us.

We exhibited at our first show recently and loved meeting everyone that came and said hello and visited us, it was a pleasure to be a part of that.

Look out for some exciting announcements in 2022, new partnerships, new sponsorships and new products to market.

Spirit Tech remains to bring affordable Paranormal Equipment to the market, and to allow new investigators and teams access to great equipment.

Thank you

Spirit Tech.