Our History

Spirit Tech was the brainchild of Paranormal Investigator Andy Overton. Andy originally got involved in the paranormal in 1985 (thanks to John G Fullers book ‘The Ghost of 29 Megacycles’). Spirit Tech has now spent over 35 years using, eliminating and devising new gadgets to help fellow investigators. Having first-class electronics technicians in-house has kept us in good stead for this work and we aim to ‘keep it real’. And all of our Equipment hand-built by us here in Australia. Most of our gear is cheap compared to our competitors, thanks to our ethic of ‘No outrageous profit margins’ and the great AU$ exchange rate 😉

Spirit Tech continued to run until the 10th March 2017, when we launched our Facebook presence. Business continued successfully for the next 4 years when on the 7th May 2020, Spirit Tech was purchased by new owners P. Clifford and M. Symon with the aim of further developing the Company and Product line and to reach new audiences.

We are now utilising the latest technologies including 3D Printers and other state of the art electronics to further improve our product range and reliability.

The business will stay in Australia and continue to be hand-built in Australia!