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Meet the Wave Shel: Our new ultra-sensitive movement sensor

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The Wave Shel is Spirit Tech’s new ultra-sensitive movement sensor that can detect movement in a room up to 10 meters away.

It works by emitting a high-frequency radio signal, and then analysing the signal reflected by objects or people in the room. When it senses a change in the reflected signal, it knows there was movement.

The more movement that is detected, the higher the scale goes. When the amount of movement reaches a set threshold (configurable by the user), it can give an audible alarm, or even trigger a connected external accessory.

The Wave Shel is versatile and easy to use:

Simply switch on and place down. The Wave Shel will constantly watch for movement, and display it on the scale.

The Wave Shel is designed to operate either flat on the floor, or upright.
When flat, the Wave Shel will detect movement from any direction in a 10-metre radius, making it useful for monitoring large rooms or open areas.
When used upright, the Wave Shel will be more sensitive towards the front than the back, making it useful for monitoring long corridors and walkways.

Impressive Features:

  • Long battery life: The built-in, USB-C rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery can last for up to a whopping 48 hours of continuous use.
  • RGB LED scale: A total of 13 different colour options to pick from.
  • Audible alarm: The Wave Shel has an alarm, that can be configured to play one of 5 tones (or none at all) when movement reaches a threshold.
  • Highly configurable: Many options, including sensitivity and LED brightness are adjustable, giving you total control over how you use the Wave Shel.
  • Accessory connector: External accessories can be triggered each time the movement level exceeds the set trigger level. We plan to release a range of accessories at a later date.

Configure it to your liking:

There are many settings for you to configure.
These are:

  • Sensitivity: How sensitive the Wave Shel is to movement.
  • Brightness: How bright the LED scale is.
  • Alarm Type: What tone is played when the trigger level is reached.
  • Trigger Level: Where on the movement scale the alarm is triggered.
  • Colour: Colour of the LED scale.
  • Decay Speed: How quickly the scale returns to zero after movement stops.

The RGB LED scale has a total of 13 different colour options to pick from, letting you personalise the look of your Wave Shel.

Pick from 13 colours!

See it in action:

We thoroughly test all of our in-house made equipment before it’s released for sale.

Field testing of the Wave Shel was done at the Shamrock Hotel, Bendigo on Sat 26th November.

Thanks to Paranormal Adventures Australia.