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The Quake-Pod is our new ultra-sensitive vibration detector designed and built right!

This new device can detect thumps, knocks, and taps as well as light and heavy footsteps on all hard surfaces. Front-mounted dials allow for easy adjustment of the sensitivity and alert duration. A built-in bright red LED shows you, or your set-up cameras when it is detecting any vibrations. There is also a loud buzzer which can also aid in monitoring vibrations when no one is nearby.

On a single set of four AAA batteries (not included), the Quake-Pod is able to last through up to 10 days of inactivity, or 12 hours of continually being set off with the audible alarm enabled.

The Quake-Pod is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and ensures that the unit can be placed in tight areas and against walls or obstructions without protruding into walking spaces. The small design also leaves plenty of room for many other devices within your carry case.

How to Use the Quake-Pod:

The Quake-Pod is designed with ease of use in mind. Simply place on a flat surface and switch on the power switch on the right. The sensitivity can be adjusted using the right thumbwheel labelled “SENS”.

The unit can be tested while adjusting the sensitivity by lightly tapping the surface the unit is placed on. If the unit responds to light taps, then it is ready to monitor. If preferred, the duration of the alarm condition can be adjusted using the thumbwheel on the left, labelled “ALRM”. The duration can be adjusted anywhere from 100 milliseconds all the way up to 10 seconds.

The loud audible alarm can be enabled or disabled by toggling the switch mounted on the left of the unit. (Please note that as sound is a vibration, it can cause the unit to continually trigger itself, and the sensitivity may need to be turned down slightly to prevent this.) If planning to use the audible alarm, enable it before adjusting the sensitivity.

Enabling the audible alarm allows you to leave the device monitoring an area while you are investigating another room, and still be alerted when the device detects vibrations. It is recommended to use this in conjunction with a longer alarm duration, so any detections are harder to miss.